A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen

24th – 27th October 2018

On the face of it Nora’s marriage to Torvald Helmer is idyllic and life is looking good as Torvald has recently been promoted to Bank Manager. Nora clearly loves her husband and, whilst Torvald expresses deep love for his wife, it is also clear that he regards her as an empty-headed plaything. She is his Trophy wife, his doll-wife.

Set in 1879, A Doll’s House defines the typical patriarchal society of that time which the play startlingly turns on its head as all the characters reveal their own complexities.

Presented by WTW and directed by Joy Haynes the play will be performed at the The Woodclyffe Hall 24th -27th October and tickets will be on sale from September 9th.


A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen

24th to 27th October 2018

Our next production will be A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen.  This  classic play is a tense domestic drama set in the late nineteenth century and is often cited as the first feminist play, causing controversy when first performed.

There will be a second reading of the play on Thursday 31st May at 8pm in the Green Room and auditions will follow at end June and beginning July.

For further details please contact us at wargrave.theatre@gmail.com

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Ladies Down Under

9th to 12th May 2018

They’re back!  After hitting the jackpot in Ladies’ Day, Pearl, Jan, Shelley and Linda celebrate a year later, with a trip of a life-time to the land of Oz. The trip of a life-time becomes a life-changing adventure for them all.
If you saw Ladies’ Day then you won’t want to miss seeing the same brilliant cast reprise their roles. If you missed them last year, don’t miss them this year. Come and be part of their adventure!

Tickets are on sale from 31st March 2018.



Ali Baba and The Forty Theives

24th to 28th January  2018

This January we will be making ‘new footsteps in the sand’ as the pantomime will be Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, a tale from the Arabian Nights. We can promise you comedy, we can promise you spectacle and slapdash, singing and dancing, traditional goodies and baddies, and a colourful performance full of Eastern promise.

Tickets will go on sale in December.


Auditions: Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

This January we will be making ‘new footsteps in the sand’ as the pantomime will be Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, a tale from the Arabian Nights. We can promise you comedy, we can promise you spectacle and slapdash, singing and dancing, traditional goodies and baddies, and a colourful performance full of Eastern promise. Tickets will go on sale in December.

This pantomime, written by Alan Frayne, had plenty of parts with 11 principal characters, 3 smaller roles and a large chorus. There are also opportunities to be involved backstage.

Performance dates are 24th to 28th January  2018. The reading will be held on Thursday 2nd November 8pm , followed by  auditions on Sunday 5th  7pm and Thursday 9th 8pm in the Green Room at the top of the Woodclyffe Hostel. Please come along if you would like to be involved or contact us at wargrave.theatre@gmail.com with any questions.

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Tales Dark and Grimm

18th and 19th November 2017

Using the tales of The Brothers Grimm, we are guided through the stories of childhood adventure with Prince Hansel and Princess Gretel.

Running away from their murdering, yet well-intentioned parents, the siblings meet the witch who fattens and cooks children and the father who desperately wants one daughter more than his many sons.

While Gretel must outwit a handsome stranger, Hansel meets the devil and has to escape from Hell.

These stories are dark and at times funny, there are gruesome deaths and maiming and lots of blood. Lots, in a fairy tale type way.

Yet the voice of the narrator, breaking in with frequent warnings and advice makes it all great fun.

Wargrave Youth Theatre and Junior Workshop present “Tales Dark and Grimm” at the Woodclyffe Hall, Saturday 18 November Performances 2pm and 4pm. Sunday 19 November  Performance 2pm. Adults £6.00,  Children £4.00

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Ten Times Table

25 to 28 October 2017

Ten Times Table by the ever popular playwright, Alan Ayckbourn, produced and directed by Mike Watt, with Dave Robinson as Stage Manager.

This farcical comedy follows the course of a well meaning but fractious committee of local residents endeavouring to organise a pageant in their local community.

Looking back at recent events within our own community, you may just recognise a similarity with one or two of the characters in this play, although for legal reasons we must make it clear that, of course all of the characters in this production are entirely fictitious!!

As ever, we would also welcome volunteers to assist in supporting this production from costuming, make-up, set building, lighting and sound, through to Front of House and bar.

Tickets are on sale from Monday 11th September.


Join Your Local Theatre Group

Fancy getting on stage but not sure you can learn the lines? Many of our members took their first steps on our stage. We are happy to support new members and there are walk-on parts with no words that give you the chance to have a go, or you can come along to our play reading nights and help to choose future productions.

Interested in costumes? We need help to run our large costume store and source all the costumes for shows. Actors need help to get into and out of costumes – think Panto – and you don’t need to be able to sew.

Interested in journalism, digital marketing, poster design, PR or web sites? There are many opportunities to get involved in this crucial work.

Interested in make-up? We need a team of people to help actors with make-up before each show.

Do you DIY? Could you help to build a set? Want to learn the specific art of painting sets for the stage? We can show you how.

Do you like the idea of helping with lighting, music or sound effects for a show? You could join our team.


A Spoonful of Sugar

8th to 10th June

A Spoonful of Sugar is adapted from the stories of Mary Poppins by P.L. Travers.

This is the amazing story of the Banks family who lived in Cherry Street, London and a nanny who turns their lives upside down.  Come and join us at the open air theatre on Mill Green, where Wargrave Theatre Workshop Youth and Juniors will be performing this well loved family favourite.

Thursday 8 June 5pm, Friday 9 June 5pm, Saturday 10 June 2pm and 4pm on Wargrave Mill Green with raked, covered, comfortable seating. Adults £4.50, Children £3.00.

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Ladies’ Day

Ladies-Day-3005th to 8th April 2017

Amanda Whittington’s hilariously funny comedy about four fish filleters who work in a factory in Hull.

Work, love and life are just one long hard slog for the foursome. Pearl is about to leave to spend more time with her husband in their caravan.  Jan kicked her husband out years ago and now lives only for her daughter Claire who is about to leave for university. Shelley thinks she is above working in the factory and wants to be famous and Linda, the youngest and an avid Tony Christie fan, has her own burden.

Pearl has always wanted to go to Ladies’ Day at Royal Ascot and this year it is being run at York, so as a send-off, the foreman agrees to give them all the day off. Out go the hairnets, overalls and wellies as the four head off to the races. We learn about the lives, loves and ambitions of the four and secrets are ‘spilled’ as a result of the champagne…