Join Your Local Theatre Group

Fancy getting on stage but not sure you can learn the lines? Many of our members took their first steps on our stage. We are happy to support new members and there are walk-on parts with no words that give you the chance to have a go, or you can come along to our play reading nights and help to choose future productions.

Interested in costumes? We need help to run our large costume store and source all the costumes for shows. Actors need help to get into and out of costumes – think Panto – and you don’t need to be able to sew.

Interested in journalism, digital marketing, poster design, PR or web sites? There are many opportunities to get involved in this crucial work.

Interested in make-up? We need a team of people to help actors with make-up before each show.

Do you DIY? Could you help to build a set? Want to learn the specific art of painting sets for the stage? We can show you how.

Do you like the idea of helping with lighting, music or sound effects for a show? You could join our team.


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