Tales Dark and Grimm

18th and 19th November 2017

Using the tales of The Brothers Grimm, we are guided through the stories of childhood adventure with Prince Hansel and Princess Gretel.

Running away from their murdering, yet well-intentioned parents, the siblings meet the witch who fattens and cooks children and the father who desperately wants one daughter more than his many sons.

While Gretel must outwit a handsome stranger, Hansel meets the devil and has to escape from Hell.

These stories are dark and at times funny, there are gruesome deaths and maiming and lots of blood. Lots, in a fairy tale type way.

Yet the voice of the narrator, breaking in with frequent warnings and advice makes it all great fun.

Wargrave Youth Theatre and Junior Workshop present “Tales Dark and Grimm” at the Woodclyffe Hall, Saturday 18 November Performances 2pm and 4pm. Sunday 19 November  Performance 2pm. Adults £6.00,  Children £4.00

Plays, Youth Theatre

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