Audition Notice: Ladies Down Under

Ladies Down Under

They’re back!  After hitting the jackpot in Ladies’ Day, Pearl, Jan, Shelley and Linda celebrate a year later, with a trip of a life-time to the land of Oz. The trip of a life-time becomes a life-changing adventure for them all.
If you saw Ladies’ Day then you won’t want to miss seeing the same brilliant cast reprise their roles again.
If you missed them last year, don’t miss them this year – or come and be part of their adventure!
Lydia, Emmajane, Jo and Jill will reprise their roles as Pearl, Jan, Shelley and Linda.
Joe, the Fish Factory Foreman, will again be played by Peter Pearson.

Additional roles:

·         Tom, a volunteer firefighter – appears in the first scene only
·         Bill and Ben, two camp flight attendants.  One of these can be a female role.
·         Shane, a fanatical surfer ‘dude’, to whom surfing is a religion.
·         Charlie,  an aged English aristocratic ‘hippy’ dropout, who sings and plays the bongos,
·         Danny,  a traveller, who left his disfunctional family in Sydney years before and now travels the country on a motorbike.
·         Koala Bare   and   Bondi Bitch.   Two drag queens at the Sydney Mardi Gras.   Bondi Bitch will be a female role, played as a ‘dominatrix’ in black leathers!

There will be a reading in the Green Room on Thursday, 8th February, 2018 at 8pm and auditions on Thursday, 15th and Monday,  19th February at 8pm.

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