Two Cheeky Chekhovs

10th to 12th May 2012

The Bear & The Proposal by Anton Chekhov

The Bear is one of Chekhov’s very short plays, an unquestionable comedy, and condenses so much of human nature into this short, comical, bizarre, and ultimately triumphant act.  How close is the relationship between anger and passion, and how strange and wonderful is the human condition!

The Proposal is set in the country house of wealthy landowner Stepan Stepanovitch Chubukov who receives a visit from his neighbor.  After some polite introductions and conversation, it transpires that he has come to make a marriage proposal to Chubukov’s daughter Natalia but makes the mistake of mentioning a piece of land at the border between the two neighbors’ properties.

These two one-act plays are extremely funny and we know that you will have a wonderful evening’s entertainment.  Tickets are available from The Old Post Office Coffee Shop, High Street, Wargrave. Tel 0118 940 4800 or 07786 425479.

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